It’s finally up!

“Cunning Frong & Friends” Estonian version is finally up on Appstore! It took some time to get approved, but it’s up there and I can’t say that it was easy. But based on the knowledge I have now, following apps should come easier. Download from AppStore now for iPad 3 or above.

Next plan is to translate the app for English market and after that create few more stories.

About the experience to get the HTML5 game into IOS app via CocoonJS:
1. Do not edit anything in Xcode after the project is compiled via CocoonJS page. Icons and everything must be set there. Compiled with version 2.0.1.
2. .ipa file came with IDFA api usage warning, but at iTunes Connect I enabled the IDFA usage and checked the second option: “Attribute this app installation to a previously served ad”,
as I was not able to find where this api is coming from and to remove it. But in the end it was ok for Apple.


June 25, 2014


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