’CUNNING FROG & FRIENDS’ is taking folklore heritage to a new platform


Official press release:

‘Cunning Frog & Friends’ is an educational interactive appbook for kids aged 1,5 and above. The story of a clever frog escaping from being eaten by a crow is a piece of Estonian folklore, now presented in a contemporary way – on your iDevice.

The author, Kert Alev, got inspiration to create cute but educational mobile apps from her own daughter. The story has been tested for hundreds of years, educating us about human nature, values, nature and animals at the same time. Playful interactions, make it a fun story to read, or just to follow the voice-over. Touchscreen actions make every page playful and full of discoveries.

As a graphics and web designer she managed to create thisa mobile app for IOS devices without any native iOS coding skills. Such a feat was possible thanks to innovative program solutions that allow non-developers to create and convert content for mobile devices, forming a bridge between authors and developers. As this kind of software is quite new, there are still technical difficulties to overcome, but „no coding skills needed“ software developers are working hard to make it more easy for everyone to create an app. ’Cunning Frog & Friends’ is an example what can be achieved.

’Cunning Frog & Friends’ app is now available on iStore. It is suitable for iPad3 and higher. Android version is still under development. Link to AppStore.

Digitar Interactive is an aspiring multimedia company with a portfolio consisting of web design, print and interactive media. The story about a cunning frog is the first of many interactive fun kids book to follow. More information at www.digitar.ee.

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July 25, 2014


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