50 thoughts about Jamaica

We spent 15 amazing days in Jamaica from November to December 2016. I want to share some facts I collected from the trip. It’s better to write them down early when the memory is fresh. I think I can not do the same for our  trip to Peru back in 2010. There we go, 50 thoughts about Jamaica:

  • Jamaica has USA prices. We had to double our budget.
  • Double bedroom for 4 people was easy to find.
  • No extras for baby cot.
  • USA standards for electricity gear.
  • Mosquitoes found the way into our room, but hey – it’s tropics!
  • What sandflies? We did not met any.
  • Jamaica dollar is the main currency, also USD is valid.
  • You get bad rate if you pay in USD though.
  • Marketers seemed to be Indians or Chinese mostly – the business people.
  • Tap water was supposed to be fine.
  • We were fine. No belly issues.
  • Baby food was available at HiLo supermarkets.
  • We found purees and formulas from there.
  • We found fresh food hard to find.
  • Ripe fruits – hmm, come again?
  • Best rum – Appleton.
  • Smallest bottle around 4 euros/ 4 USD.
  • Best soda drink – Ting!
  • Traditional food is limited.
  • Local breakfast – acee and saltfish.
  • Locals seemed to love trash food a lot.
  • Bigger towns had Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC.
  • Further from the tourist areas, people were more kind.
  • Kingston and mountain areas are famous for crimes.
  • Beach areas are all safer.
  • Renting a car is possible, but drive at your own risk when you are good manoeuvre.
  • Roads are curvy and tight.
  • Speed limits are suggested.
  • No scooters for rental.
  • Roads re bumpy and uneven.
  • Airport departures were very nice (not so nice when arriving – why is it typical in airports?)
  • Airport prices are quite the same as tourist shops in towns.
  • Not many label shops.
  • Blue Mountains coffee was highly advertised.
  • No cafeteria culture though.
  • Local atmosphere – of course – reggae and chill.
  • It is polite to answer to the questions, hustlers included.
  • Tipping is suggested everywhere.
  • December climate – nothing too hot.
  • Sea temperature chill when entering but not cold.
  • Tourists from the States are majority.
  • Tourist favourites are All Inclusive hotels or cruising.
  • Taxis with red number boards are preferred.
  • Route taxi inside Ocho Rios (the one locals take) are 100 JD per trip.
  • Seafood is fresh and yummy!
  • 92,1% of population are black.
  • Some are Chinese.
  • And some from India.
  • No poisonous creatures on the Island.
  • First aid kit should be packed at home. Medicine in the local pharmacy is expensive!




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