How to get Google Drive free for one year

Ok, for a while now I have been using Drive as a paid service, since there are too many things I need to store in the cloud: work related files, everyday photography from kids, travels and items to accounting files, shared stuff and so on. On my latest trip I found a service Google is offering and I am using regularly. There is nothing much better than using Google Maps App while travelling and need to know quickly where you are or make plans on going somewhere.

Now Google is offering a service for local contributors. Everyone can participate to add info, places, pictures and reviews to the maps. In return points are given to the contributors and at 200 points Drive is free for 1 year! Yes, you have to do some work for it, but it is a fair trade. See the service here -> Google Local Guides Program


December 14, 2016
January 15, 2017



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