Packing list – travelling in Asia with small kids

1 stroller, 1x 20kg check-in luggage, 1x backpack for technical stuff, 1x shoulder bag, 1x kids backpack, 1x baby carrier straps

First of all – we travel light and have always been. Travelling with two kids is a challenge itself. For the first time we decided to take suitcase on the wheels with us, despite of our huge backpacker bags. Bad choice or not – it’s too early to tell. But when travelling with kids who need help carrying their luggage or themselves how much extra you can hold before your spine breaks?
From the first 5 hours with my mothers extra large baggage we can say that it is outdated. It needs to be on the four wheels that can take manouvers – this one can only roll forward or backward and on two wheels. And it is maybe too large, it is easy to overpack 20kg.

Few things have changed comparing to our Jamaica trip few months ago. Toddler hand luggage is now car-seat-kids-bag in one by Trunki. It’s a car seat where she can sit on and at the same time she can carry her own play stuff. We must say that the bag is quite heavy and large itself.

Some facts about Trunki:

  • A great solution for sharing lifts and travelling in coaches or taxis
  • Avoid hire charges when travelling abroad by taking BoostApak
  • Hand luggage-approved with plenty of space for toys and games
  • Certified to European Union and United States safety standards
  • Suitable for children between 15 and 36 kg (approx. 4–12 years)

Totoro backpack

Her clothes are packed in the soft and furry Totoro backpack she usually goes to kinderkarten to. She will use it as her city cruising bag and it’s a pillow at the same time.

The alternative would have been small hand luggage on the wheels that could be locked. We have been using the bag also in the hotel as our own safe deposit. I wonder if I’m going to miss that too?

But – because of the huge bag now we have, we were able to pack whole extra bag of diapers and hopefully enough of clothes for everyone, but as I said before – we will keep it easy and light.



Another extra investment we did was Deryan baby travel cot . It’s a 1,2 kg tent actually, that folds into small ciricle and can be carried inside hand luggage. As Vantaa airport offers plastic bag for the stroller we actually slipped it between the stroller and got away with some extra weight.

Some facts about Deryan Travel Cot:

  • 50% UV Protection and flame retardant fabric
  • Setup in 2 seconds and a anti-musquito net <1mm
  • Includes sleeping mat, self-inflatable mattress (2,5 cm) and carry bag.

The square bag consist of mostly extra stuff like babyfood and clothes. Coming from the cold climate (it was -12 degrees celsius at Helsinki today) we put on some old winter clothes we could throw away at the airport and then some double layers of summer clothes. I bet I looked like the scarecrow from Tallinn, trying to escape the freeze.

I packed cluttered items into small plastic bags we have been collecting. Those that you can zip to close. This way they are easy to find if something needs to be accessed quickly and it does not make a huge mess.

Talking about hygiene bag for the ladies, I packed:

  • My new eco-bamboo toothbrush
  • Mini toothpaste for myself
  • Kids toothbrush and paste
  • Travel sized fragrances
  • Nail file made of cardboard (so it is allowed into hand luggage)
  • One piece of every make-up type (lipstick, eye liner, mascara etc)
  • One hair comb for the whole family (yup, we keep it tight)
  • Hair bands
  • Bepanthen creme
  • Anti-fungal creme (can happen in tropics for staying longer period)
  • Anti lip herpes creme (I got 5 of them in Jamaica, don’t want it to happen again)
  • Shaver, Venus (and one refill)
  • Cotton buds and pads
  • Baby wet wipes (also good for make-up removal)
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Sun creme (no other moisturising creme as it will do the work)

Other things we couldn’t go without:

  • Electricity adapters from EU to Asia (x2)
  • Light travel seat for baby (for the moments stroller or high chairs are not available)
  • Sewing kit (for fixing small breaks. Already used in two weeks of travel)
  • Swimming goggles (who needs snorkeling masks, when you have such small gear for everyone)

What I am missing, ill-packed:

  • Too many socks. Instead I am missing real snorkeling socks that could be also used inside the airplanes.
  • Termos – for keeping hot water for baby milk and porridge for hotels where coffee/tea maker is missing.
    Maybe I forgot something but I’ll be keeping the lists up to date 😉



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