Hi there! I’m happy you found your way here! There is so much I could say about myself that this page could soon become an autobiography. To keep it short I would say that, I have been a singer, songwriter, artist (traditional) and I am a digital artist (digital), a photographer, mum for 2, partner in life and a founder of few companies. It may seem a lot, but I don’t settle with less.

Digitar – is a nickname for my digital-bio and Digitar Interactive is a small multimedia company I founded few years ago.

Personal is what makes us happy and everyone is a freelancer nowadays.

There is also a startup thing called MediKeep where I am a co-founder and CEO. It is a mobile app for home pharmacy management. You know, life with small children can be overwhelming for busy moms and the app will help anyone with a small amount of OCD when it comes to home medicine.

And I like travelling! I met my partner when we planned a trip to Hong Kong in 2009 with friends we both knew. After that it has been besides work – all about photography, children and more travels.

Actually it is a small world, but there is so much to see!

I got introduced to the computers in 80’s. For some reason, both of my parents were programmers at some point and everything digital came so naturally for me. While playing the first games like Digger and Suppaplex (I finished all the 111 levels in one summer) I was hooked to the thing on my table. My mom taught me the first lessons in HTML and after that I started to educate myself as the internet and search tools were available. I have a degree in teaching art, but I have never worked as an art teacher. I knew back then, that combining digital and my interest in art will become occupation and hobby. So there I am – take a bit of it – virtually and I’ll hope you enjoy!


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