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It’s finally up!

“Cunning Frong & Friends” Estonian version is finally up on Appstore! It took some time to get approved, but it’s up there and I can’t say that it was easy. But based on the knowledge I have now, following apps should come easier. Download from AppStore now for iPad 3…

Crossing fingers?

How much is crossing fingers related to the final review by apple on AppStore? 🙂

Edit on 2.07.2014:
After a week it got rejected but by a simple reason. Apps in kids category must have parental gate option if linking outside from app. True, I had Facebook link. So now I removed…

CocoonJS Premium

Good news! We got accepted by Ludei to start using CocoonJS with premium features. First account had 30MB limit for app data upload. After submitting a form and showing beta-demo about our interactive app, we got upgraded to premium. It means more data (200MB per app) and premium features…

Progress on kids app

About the app I am building for kids. I had a long discussion what should be the educational or otherwise useful game in the end of every story. I will try the memory cards solution.  Main reason for it is the general idea behind it – it doesn’t turn…

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